Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Tuesday 8th January

A better day today, at least I have got some more sightings in for you all to appreciate!!!

Mid morning, and Margaret saw a ringtail Hen Harrier float along the line of the garden fence and on its way onwards..  Shortly after that, we had a dark bird of prey out of the big gable end window, but neither of us had that great a view of it to say what it was with 100% accuracy, so I went out with my bins to see if I could see it. No joy, but on scanning all around, I did seed see a couple of Buzzards mobbing a Golden Eagle away out over the hill behind Rockside. Better was still to come as the Buzzards dropped back onto their patch with the Eagle proceeding to fly along over the crag and it was joined by a second Golden Eagle before they both dropped down behind the crag, out of sight. That pesky Sparrowhawk has been close to hand again today, whether it has got the taste and mastered the knack of catching the odd wee bird, say no more...

James today had counted 9,373 Barnies on the reserve at Gruinart today, he also had a flock of 114 Dunlin as well as a large flock of Golden Plovers as well, but did not manage an accurate count of them... James also saw the Little Egret at Gruinart, out from the hide...  

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Tom Willetts said...

We are coming to Islay for a week early February, looks like we could do worse than sit in you garden.
Thanks for your blog giving us lots of useful info.