Saturday, 22 December 2018

Saturday 22nd December

After writing the blog last night, I decided to look back through my wee black book… and if my figures/ addition is correct, I reckon that George E Jackson has caught and processed 400 birds since he started to do this up at Kilchoman. (His first session was a small one with  only 14 birds caught in 2015,  2016 another small session again with only 2 caught, and not really into bigger number until 2017 and this year). According to my "maths" the tally reads as 364 birds fitted with new rings and 34 re traps, or birds caught that already had a ring already fitted to their leg. The furthest travelled re trap being the Siskin that he caught on the 10th of July which had been originally fitted with a ring on the 23rd of March in Friesland in Holland!!!  Keep up the good work, George!!!!
A short phone message through from Distillery Dave to say that he had counted 10 Redwings in his garden this morning at Rockside...

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