Friday, 11 May 2018

Friday 11th May

The weather as forecast has not been that great today, and three was an edge to the wind as well.. Visiting birders from Sheffield, Graham and Pam reported in to say that that they had been seeing a regular passage of around 30 - 40 Whimbrel flying North on hill road over past Borichill Mor each day while they have been here this week. They had seen a ringtail  Hen Harrier up past the former Kilchoman School and soon after a male bird seen along at Culbuie.  Forgot to mention last night that Andrew and Amanda had seen 6 Golden Plover as they walked back down from Gortantoid. Today here at home, the 4 Tree Sparrows were still around.. This morning before the rain set in, there were 28 Chough helping themselves to whatever in the ground, boy who needs a rotovator when you have some Choughs at work!!!

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