Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Wednesday 7th March

Some more sightings through from some visiting birders... Yesterday, later on once he was out and about, William Earp had seen an Iceland Gull down towards the refuse site at Gartbreck, and he also had a male Hen Harrier in the same area as well.. At the bottom end of the "high road", he saw a Merlin. Down in the bay at Port Ellen, towards the harbour, he saw 4 RTD and a GND. Over on the Oa, he saw a small flock of 30 Twite sitting on the fence wires close to Upper Killeyan. Coming back out from the Oa, he saw a pair of Golden Eagles mating.  Kathy, today had a great start for her day this morning, spotting 3 female Scaup through her scope set up in her bedroom. shortly after that she had an Iceland Gull flying past. Along at The Woollen Mill, she saw a Dipper on the River Sorn with a female siskin seen on the feeders there.  An Otter was present at Bunnahabhain. Back down at the mouth of the Grey River at Uiskentuie, Kathy had another Iceland Gull. At Bruichladdich, she saw 4 Purple Sandpiper.  Down on the Rhinns itself she saw a pair of Golden Eagle. Gary today had a pair of Chough at Mulreesh and later on a Golden Eagle out from Lagavullin. Pat Jackson saw a Glaucous Gull down on Machir Bay this morning.

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