Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tuesday 30th May

The reason why I never put an entry on the blog yesterday is twofold, the weather was foul for most of the day, and therefore I had no birds to report to you...Yesterday evening, though Mandy had heard a Chiffchaff at Sunderland Farm and then shortly afterwards, she heard a Whitethroat round at Carnduncan. Today, Mark had 6 Little Terns, 32 Arctic Terns, 3 Bonxies, a "lonely" Barnacle Goose and a count of 80 Sanderling, up at Ardnave/ Nave Island. The weather has been kinder today, but at the weekend I took the guards off from round the Willows, to give them a chance to bush out rather than getting too leggy... Big mistake, as when I walked along them this morning I spotted that one of the Hares had been nibbling at some of the young tender shoots.. so today, I have been kept out of mischief making and fitting almost 50 larger guards, so fingers crossed the said Hare will just need to eat some grass again....

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