Monday, 10 April 2017

Monday 10th April

How young do you start Birdwatching?? Amelia, our daughter in law, took this image yesterday evening of Abbie and myself when the 2 of us were out in the "hut" doing a spot of bird watching. And no, young Abbie was not primed to put the bins up to look out the windows....
Malcolm was in touch to say that a visitor had seen a Magpie over at Farkin, out of Port Ellen yesterday. Our friend Armin Grewe who is over for Walkislay had seen a Sparrowhawk out of the kitchen window while waiting for us to return home this afternoon. Mark Shields had seen 2 Swallows out from the North hide at Gruinart today, his first for this year. Gary had a Dipper on the burn leading out from Ballygrant, past the Quarry. In the Ballygrant Woods, Gary had heard a Woodpecker drumming and also a Blackcap singing.

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