Thursday, 5 January 2017

Thursday 5th January

James, today had a quick run round the reserve at Gruinart with his birds seen and counted being as follows , 4775 Barnies, 300 Whitefronts, 23 Greylags. On Loch Gruinart, James saw 2 juv. White tailed Eagles. On the floods, 2 Greenshank were present while several Woodcock were present in the wood. A total of 41 Reed Bunting were on the reserve itself. Up at Ardnave, Mandy had seen a juv. Golden Eagle spoofing the geese. Better still, close to Kilnave, it flew across the road about 20 metres away. It floated about in the wind for a few moments above some bushes and was mobbed by a couple of Chough, just fantastic...

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