Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday 27th October

Yesterday, John Wilson had seen the Dolphins as well off Port Charlotte and reckons there were at least 8 in the pod... Later on, John had gone down to Portnahaven  and while watching the seals there, about 40 Gannets flew past in a Southerly direction. Today at the Woollen Mill, he had seen a Greenfinch on the feeders with a BTO leg ring on, along at Finlaggan in the reeds, there were some Goldfinches and then up past Ardnahoe, a few Red legged Partridges were present, possibly released birds John wondered... Today at Gruinart, James had seen 8 Pale bellied Brents and 2 Pink footed Geese. Also counted was a flock of 270 Golden Plover.
Some more news relating to the cull of the Barnacle geese, the number of geese to be culled is at present 1,800 and this figure will be reviewed once the December International goose count has been carried out.  Apparently the scheme is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by SNH. If you have any queries about the scheme, please contact your local Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) or write to the local SNH office at Main Street, Bowmore, PA43 7JJ.

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