Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sunday 4th September

If you were wondering who A.N. Other was who saw the Marsh Harrier with Paul Graham yesterday, well after a bit of detective work, we can now let you know that it was Eilidh Reid who was a "vol" at Gruinart a few years ago!
This morning I had a new house bird, yes as it was sitting on top of the roof, rather than chasing the birds through the garden, the said Sparrowhawk is on the list now as well as on the garden list as well.... This afternoon, we had a Swallow in the house, another for the house list!!! The cats had a squint as it, and they both fell asleep soon afterwards.... Bob and Gary saw the Sedge Warbler down on the game crop today as well, but a much closer viewing than James had of it yesterday. As we  came home, earlier this evening, there was a juv. Fulmar on the road down close to Sunderland, so I caught it up and took it down to the sea where it should have been, rather than waiting for a passing car to run over it.

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