Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday10th June

Gary yesterday at Loch Tallant, apart from hearing the Little Grebe calling, he had also heard Sedge Warblers calling there as well with some Sand Martins skimming over the water itself. Along at Blackrock, Gary had seen Cormorant, Arctic Terns, Common Terns, Lbb Gull, Common Gull and also Black headed Gulls, and on the shingle towards Blackrock itself Gary counted 47 Blackwits and also 20 Knot. Yesterday afternoon while Gary was up here visiting we saw 2 different Hooded Crows flying past carrying Pheasant chicks away, now I know where they are going... Today on the feeders there was a gathering of 29 Starlings, mostly youngsters getting the feel for the feeders!!!!  Later on, I saw a family of House Sparrows out dust bathing, the 2 adults showing their 5 fledglings what to do...

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