Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday 20th April

Yesterday Garry reported having 37 yellowhammers between his and his neighbors feeder at Ballygrant and a sparrowhawk in the woods beside his house. Yellowhammer was yesterday seen on Jura by Louise.  Swallow was spotted at Loch Gruinart yesterday. Becca saw two white-tailed eagles at Gruinart yesterday. James saw two lesser Canada geese (hutchinsii) at Gruinart. Today cuckoo was heard at Gruinart from the raised beach. Mary saw 4 common sandpipers at Claddach today. During the wader survey at Gruinart several lapwings with chicks were seen as well as a mallard with 7 ducklings. (Photo of the lapwing family taken through the scope this morning).

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