Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday 27th October

An early entry tonight, a I am off soon to the Bird nerds, so he we go.. Yesterday, Bob had seen a White tailed Sea Eagle down at Port Charlotte. The Rochdale birders had seen 2 ringtail Hen Harriers on their travels. today they had 2 males, one at Saligo , skimming over the top of their car, and the other over at Gruinart over the reserve. Their day was only to get better with account of 191 Whoopers on Ardnave Loch. Today, there has been several groups of Whoopers seen both coming and going... Tony Gibson, another visiting birder had seen 9 Whitefronted Geese over at Kintra, Port Ellen, one with a neck collar on it, possibly one that Ed has rung, so will find out more about it soon... Tony also had 50 Brents out of Bowmore on Loch Indaal, the Whoopers at Ardnave as well as around 35 Chough there as well.

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