Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday 31st May

A mixed sort of a day, sunshine and showers with the odd shower with hailstones for a change rather than just the "normal rain". Just as well it is the end of the month, although the weather forecast for the next few days does not look too good, the wind is due to increase tomorrow with the possibility of disruption to the ferries later on, we will just have to take what comes... the Rochdale birders had taken a trip out and about yesterday and had seen a total of 5 male Hen Harriers, they also saw a Sanderling in summer plumage, 2 Peregrines but possibly the same bird seen twice, up at Ardnave Loch they saw the Mute Swans along with their clutch of 6 youngsters. No sign this year of any Mutes sitting on a nest at either Carnain or on the lochans at Loch Gorm.

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