Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thursday 26th February

Ian back on the go again here, thanks to either James or Mary for doing the entry yesterday. Apart from personally being out of sorts with a stinker of acold, that was the least of our problems... Back around lunchtime on Monday we had a thunderstorm,it will not be forgotten about for some time. The net result is that the landline is completely out and will be sometime before BT can offer any chance to repair all the faults.. The electric went out but the "boys" from the Hydro board worked long and hard until 3 am so we all got power on, much appreciated. To cap it off the main computer went awol too. Just as well that we have satellite broadband!! No mobile phone reception out here on the edge, so it is the best part of a 10 mile round trip to phone someone, just hope you are in when I call you... Now the blog, moan over will give you some from the Rochdale birders who are on their last few days of their visit..Yesterday, they saw a White tailed Sea Eagle down at Blackrock. Earlier on in the week they had a Yellowhammer in the hedges leading up to Persabus at Port Askaig. Today over at Balinabby, a male Hen Harrier with 200 Rock Doves and 150 Twite seen there as well. Back down in Port Charlotte, a Treecreeper was present with a ringtail Hen Harrier up beside the water works up behind Port Charlotte. Here at home, the Bramblings are still enjoying their food, and this morning a Golden Eagle got blown past in the wind, close in less than 50 metres quite a garden bird, just not close enough...

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