Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday 7th February

Bob was telling me last night that the Starlings near his house had been mimicing other birds, Curlew, Black headed Gulls and Coots, so I wonder if the Starlings that were on song for a Coot were birds that were ones moving through as we do not have many Coots here for the Starlings to "learn" from... Pia this morning had seen a White tailed Sea Eagle Eagle tucking into a Barnie up past Ballygrant, later on on the grass close to Finlaggan there were over 35 Fieldfare and Buzzard in the same fields poking about successfully looking for food and the Fieldfares were not put off by the Buzzard. Later on from home at Bruichladdich, Peter had 35 Eider, 15 Red breasted Merganser, 8 GND, 4 Red throated Diver along with 2 Goldeneye out on Loch Indaal.

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