Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thursday 16th January

Forgot to mention last night that I had a ringtail Hen Harrier fly past when I was up at Shepherd's cottage speaking with the builders... Coming home last night, we had a Barn owl sitting on a fence post down close to Foreland. This morning, around 10am, Pia had a White tailed Sea Eagle soaring overhead while she was out with her dog, along from Gortan towards the spit, with the Eagle high up over the raised beach. Going round to Gruinart around the same time, we had a Kestrel, hunkered up in the gravel quarry at Coull. On our travels, we saw 3 Buzzards and another 2 over the wood outside Bushmills. We also had a Hooded Crow up past the old Kilchoman School. Back home again, and the Lapwing flock were out towards the War Graves again, and a couple of Chough flew past as well, can't they ever not fly past quietly? Bob around 3pm had the White tailed Sea eagle directly above his house.

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