Monday, 18 October 2010

Mon 18th October

The weather certainly has changed over the last week, a lot colder now, in fact I heard that there was a fall of Hail stones up at Sanaigmore this afternoon.
Malcolm e mailed today to say that possibly the Greenfinch had an infection from a papilloma virus, " a warty growth mainly on the legs and feet, and sometimes around the mouth and not always fatal". This morning Malcolm had seen around 320 Golden Plover over at Coull Farm. Other smaller flocks were also seen by visitors, 75 over near to the Machrie Golf course, 70 round at Ballinaby. An Otter was in the bay just after the Dower House at Kildalton, and later on the same folk had 4 Redpoll and 15 Crossbill at Avonvoggie in the trees.
I was shown an image this evening of some Barnacle Geese at Gruinart, and in the same image was a Canada goose and also a Pink footed Goose as well!
Other visitors had seen a Slavonian Grebe on the edge of a group of Scaup on Loch Indaal just out from Glenburn. Further on at "smelly corner" 3 Grey Plovers were seen amongst the flock of Barwits present. Off Gartmain in the choppy sea were 20 Pale bellied Brent Geese. On their way home they saw a Hen Harrier being chased by a Buzzard over at Saligo.

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