Monday, 26 July 2010

Mon 26th July

As Carl put it, imagine having to that every time that you felt like some food. I thought that dooking for apples was bad enough!
Day 3 of the dank weather, but Carl was out and about. The flock of Bar tailed Godwits were roosting up at Gartmain again. In the wind there were a few hardy Sand and House Martins out hunting for food along with some, mostly immature Pied Wagtails and a Rock Pipit. 8 immature Shelduck were feeding with an adult out on the sandbank.
A Buzzard was enjoying the breeze above Bridgend Woods.
Over at Gortan there was a flock of 36 Eider in eclipse plumage and 6 Dunlin, 2 immature Lapwing and Curlew flew off as Carl approached Bruichladdich.

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