Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sun 25th April

Definitely, the day of the Cuckoo, Carl had heard one over at The Kilchoman Schoolhouse, and not to be confused, we also heard one here at home this afternoon, at least 4 miles apart! Howard McDonald, the visitor who told us about the Mallard with the ducklings on the River Sorn, had also heard one up the back of Port Charlotte on Thursday. By all accounts, Howard had enjoyed his stay here on Islay. Carl had also seen the large flock of Golden Plover over at Ballinaby today, along with 6 Barnies and a Whitefront. The Geese that were down on the lochans at Rockside yesterday appeared to have moved on, as there was no sign of them earlier this evening. but there were 5 Red Deer on the top side of the road just as the daylight was starting to fade tonight. There were 20 Whimbrel in a field beside Sunderland Farm.
Over in front of the hide at Gruinart later today, and James had the Green winged Teal. Nobody has seen the Littlle Egret for a few days. There appears to be a few more Wheatears in, as well as some Swallows.
This morning Rory Crawford, who worked with RSPB on Islay last summer, had seen a Hobby just past Gruinart Farm on his way up to Ardnave. While down on the Oa on Friday, Rory had seen a Great Skua.

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