Monday, 1 March 2010

Mon 1st March

Another month in, a dry month for here, only 2.5"and obviously a lot colder than we normally expect! Even this afternoon we had some more snow, the tops of the hills have been really white for quite some time now. The sun was shining on Mull when we came home today and looked really nice.
With this cold snap, the other day I counted 24 Pheasants out on the front grass, we had just had a couple of big straw bales dropped off and the birds were making the most of any grains that they found. Yesterday, I saw my first Wren of the year, I just hope that there are some more around. Today there was one singing away in the wood, that was before the snow came.
The Little Egret was seen on the flats at Gruinart again today.

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